GTA V Grand Theft Auto Apk Download OBB Data For Android

GTA v Grand Theft Auto V Apk in which players can enjoy various categories of the game community. Players can enjoy racing, action, survival, and many other things during the gameplay. Moreover, a lot of resources are available that players can use to make gameplay easier. There is a lot of GTA series that we enjoyed in our childhood and gangster games are the most played series in this game.

A point in this game that dramatically increased its popularity is that: players can do anything they want in the game. Also, they can customize their character and enjoy various missions. Grand Theft Auto V is very similar to other GTA games but some features make it a little bit different in this game.

GTA v Grand Theft Auto V Apk:

GTA v Grand Theft Auto V Apk

App Name GTA v - Grand Theft Auto V Apk
version(V 1.09)
updateFEB 22, 2022

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RockStar game is the developer of this game and all of us are very familiar with that company because it has brightened our childhood with many interesting games. Moreover, players can feel real in the game because of its physical effects. Also, players have the opportunity to own 3 different characters but you can use only one character for the gameplay.

Maybe you’ve played it on your PC but now it is available for android devices. But keep in mind! It will not work on normal android devices so you need a good-performance phone running to play this game. Moreover, it was released on Oct 10, 2013, and became very popular in a very short time because of its smooth gameplay.

The gameplay of GTA V Apk:

After downloading, open the game and select your character. After that players can select a mission and be willing to complete them for getting money or gold. Also, players can build a Gang to become very popular in the whole city. Also, players can use cheat codes when they feel in danger from the police or other gangs.

All controls related to this game will be placed on the screen of your phone. Some control icons are hidden but they will appear at the right time. Also, players can snatch money and vehicles. Just stand in front of the vehicle and press the button that appears on the screen and run away with the car.

Sounds And Graphics:

Players can feel the real sound during the race with other players and also the weapons that are placed in the game make real sounds of firing. 3D graphics also play an important role to make its gameplay more interesting.

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Features of GTA v Grand Theft Auto V Apk:

Check all features belonging to that game are given below in the list because these are helpful for easy gameplay.

  • Good control of the player.
  • Game Characters.
  • Vehicles and bikes.
  • Unlimited Money.
  • HD Graphics with high quality.
  • Interesting missions.
  • Easy gameplay.
  • Gangster life.

General Info:

  1. The current version of GTA v – Grand Theft Auto V Apk is (V 1.09).
  2. 21.1 MB + 2.6 GB is the size.
  3. FEB 22, 2022, is the day for its latest update.

Downloading and installation method:

Follow all the instructions carefully to get a successful downloading for your device:

  • The download button is present above with the link, press it.
  • Open the file of that game from the file manager.
  • Your phone will require some permissions to set that game.
  • Give all the permissions from the setting of the device.
  • The install button will appear after that process.
  • Press the button and enjoy the gameplay after a few seconds.

Final Words:

So, everything is present above in the article related to GTA v – Grand Theft Auto V Apk. The downloading method is also available that you can use for downloading. More than 10 million downloads and 3 million best player reviews are great proof of its popularity. So, download that game and enjoy it at any place or time.

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